Formerly the Pre 50 American Auto Club, the All American Auto Club was founded by six young men at the end of
1965, who realised that the ‘preservation’ of classic American vehicles was being neglected by people with a
passion for old cars.

In January 1966 a committee was formed and a club was born for enthusiasts of classic American vehicles.
Then as now, the club caters for the enthusiast and the restorer, not the exporter or the spectator and the club
motto, ‘Dedicated to preservation and restoration’ remains the cornerstone of the club’s objectives.

The club was founded to promote classic American vehicles and to assist owners by locating parts and offering

In 1977 the dating was amended to include vehicles up to 1959, and in 2010 as a new generation of enthusiasts
have grown up, the classification was again changed to any vehicle over 25 years old.  By 2022 this had changed
to any American vehicle and the club name was altered to that effect..  

The club is now open to anyone who either owns an American vehicle of any age or who supports the interests
and objectives of the club but does not own an American vehicle.


A committee is elected every year and is answerable to the AGM, held each October. The members of the
committee change frequently; ‘new blood’ is encouraged and all posts are of course honorary.

BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP                                                                         

Multicylinder, the club's full-colour magazine delivered bi-monthly.
Free entry for you and your vehicle to the Rally of the Giants.
A free vehicle insurance valuation service.
Access to the members section of the club website .
Advice on importing vehicles.
Access to members who can provide technical expertise on American automobiles, trucks and even bikes, and
have knowledge of all things to do with restoration of American marques.
Regular club meets.
Discount when insuring with Premium Choice insurance.

AREA ACTIVITIES                                                                                                          

Area secretaries are appointed to cover different parts of the country and to assist members where possible.
The club has members in the US, Belgium, Holland, German and Sweden so the club’s services extend well
beyond the UK.


This is our full colour bi-monthly club magazine. As well as period road tests, profiles of particular vehicles,
members air their views on club policy, write about their visits to events around the world featuring American
vehicles and personal interests in classic American automobiles, many professional writers
contribute to its pages from time to time. Very popular, Multicylinder is free to all members wherever they live.


Our main single commitment is The Rally of the Giants, now held at the magnificent Stonor Park in Oxfordshire.
The largest classic auto rally outside of the US it attracts a wonderful display of all types and styles of American
cars and trucks. Entry is FREE to club members and their families. The club also organises regional rallies, club
runs and pub meets in many parts of the UK.


Anyone can apply for membership at any time in writing to the Membership Secretary having completed a
Membership Application Form and paid the annual subscription in full. Membership costs just £35 a year for UK
residents and £50 for those living in Europe and £60 rest of world..

There are two types of membership:
FULL MEMBER:  Anyone interested in the objects and interests of The Club who may or may not own an
American vehicle.
HONORARY MEMBER:  Honorary Members will be elected from time to time at the Annual General Meeting
(AGM) upon the recommendation of The Committee and such membership shall be for life unless terminated by
the membership at an AGM.


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All American Auto Club